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Green Spinach Quiche

I LOVE quiches! but the most yummy ones are with flour and fatty cheeses.

Ever since I stopped eating gluten, I gave up on yummy quiches UNTIL my mom came for a visit and made me the most amazing quiche ever!

It is full of spinach, light feta cheese and NO gluten!

I had to try it myself and everyone loved it, even my 10 year old very food picky daughter :)

And now it is all yours.....


Green Spinach Quiche

1 medium onion

1 tbs almond flour

3 large egg

200gr Feta cheese

250gr (2 ½ cups) shredded mozzarella cheese

120gr Sour Cream

1 bag of 10oz spinach

Sesame (white or black or both)

Preheat oven to 360 degrees. Spray a round quiche dish with cooking spray, then set aside.

Dice onion, heat oil in a sauté pan over medium heat and cook the onions until cooked through and caramelized - about 10 minutes.

In the meantime, soak the spinach in hot water for 5 min.

Whisk eggs, almond flour, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese and sour cream together in a big bowl. Add the onion and mix.

Drain all the water from the soaked spinach and cut it roughly with a chef knife.
Add to the bowl and mix. Pour the mixture into the prepared quiche dish, sprinkle sesame on top and bake for 20-25 minutes.

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