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My toolbox

Everyone has his own toolbox. Mine are mainly related to the kitchen....

Here you can find my preferences that works best for me after many years of exploring both basic tool and also (because that what makes baking so fun) the cool gadgets.

Standing Mixer

If you love to bake, like me, the Kitchenaid standing mixer is a great fit.

The best seller version with the 5 liter mixing bowl is defiantly enough for the homer bakers.

The Kitchenaid standing mixer tends to heat if you are wished to make with it professional bread and for that that they have the professional version that costs more, the Heavy Duty.

If you still do not have a standing mixer at home, I recommend the Kitchenaid. It will make your life easier and will make wonders with your desserts.


Hand Mixer

Hand mixer is like my second hand. It is small, not heavy and if you have one that is strong, you can do anything with it- I mean really anything! It does not take a lot of storage space and it's not pricey.

I use Kitchenaid hand mixer that comes with different paddles which is great. I make with it cookies dough, crust dough, whipped cream and even meraunge.


Egg Separator


This one is my favorite gadget. The fishy (as my girls call it) is a cool egg separator that suck the yolk into the fishy mouth and leaves all the egg white in the bowl without any trouble and a messy kitchen.


Egg Separator

This Egg Separator will make your life easier. It is simple to use, kids can use it without an adult help, and it is easy to clean.


Spatula & Baking Brush

Both are excellent products to have at home. Doesn’t cost much and easy to clean.


Measuring Cups & Spoons

I do not know what I would do without them. Baking is all about measurements and being précised. No matter what brand you choose, with measuring cups and spoons you will get better baking results.


Kitchen Scale

Every professional baker must have kitchen scale. It makes the baker life more accurate (which is what we want) and can be used for so many things beyond baking.

I recommend investing in more pricey scale rather than be upset that the scale is getting "crazy" with every touch or suddenly stopped working. I am using the XOXO kitchen scale for many years and it has proven itself.


Ninja Food Processor & Blender

A life changing experience! I cannot start telling you the million things you can make with this Ninja.

It worth every penny. This Ninja combo is a great deal to get both food processor (with 2 blades) and a blender.

Once you have it, you will say: "How didn't I buy the Ninja earlier"


Hand Whisk

The hand whisk is a great tool to have. You can whisk almost every batter and upgrade your cake, pancakes or even a simple omelet.

I am using the Kitchenaid hand whisk since I like their design, the price and they are last for years.

You can find hand whisk in many sizes, the most useful size is the small 8' size.


Baking Bowls

I love those bowls and use them all the time.

This set comes in different sizes, you also have inside measurements if needed and the best part that they have a lid and also easy to storage.


Silicone Mat

Those Miu Silicon Mats changes my life. I'm doing EVERYTHING on them: cookies, cakes, pizza, bread, anything you can think of. It is more hygiene- you just need to wash them after using instead of scrubbing your working surface from dough leftovers, it can go into the oven with the baking pan perfect size, and it is reusable.

I recommend Miu brand- they are strong and high quality.


Baking Ring

The Baking Ring is great because it gives you options to make cakes in different sizes without spending money on buying more and more baking pan. It is easy to work with and easy to clean.


Baking Pans

I like using Wilton’s Baking Pans. They are nonstick, last long and have great variety of shapes and sizes.

Removable Tart Pan

This Wilton Removable Tart Pan is the perfect pan to make beautiful tarts with an easy option to move the tart to a nice serving plate.


Brownie Pan
This brownie pan is the perfect pan for SO many desserts, not just brownies. It is non stick, easy to clean, comes with slicer for perfect even pieces and with a lid if you need to carry your dessert outside the house.


Muffins Pans

Always good to have at home. Many times, instead of baking a cake, I divide the cake batter into muffins or mini muffins. It is a fun way for serving- same cake but different. Can be used for both sweet and savory.


Donuts Baking Pan

I like to bake my Chocolate Cake Mix batter in these adorable donuts shape baking pan, to cover each mini donut in chocolate and sprinkles. It is original and fun way to surprise the kids.


Set of 5 Easy Layers 6" pans
These 5 set of baking pans is SO easy to make a perfect, even layer cake without the layer calculations.
Just make your cake batter, place in each layer pan and bake. After 10 minutes you'll have 5 even layers to make you cake! The cake might seems small but since it is tall, it is a great size for party of up to 15 people.


Cupcake Liners

The cupcake liners is a genius invention- it is easy to carry after baking and keep your muffins pan clean (well, cleaner) and most important, there are so many cool and beautiful liners out there that you can go crazy. After using tons of liners over the years, I like to use theses foil colorful liners. They are stronger and can hold heavy batter with many colors.

Foil Liners


Silicone Liners

The silicone muffins liners is a great solution for reusable liners. Works great and go into the dishwasher.


Silicone Molds- Hearts Shape & Spoons

This Heart shape Silicone mold is a great gadget to have at home. It gives you the look and feel that a real professional perlines while in fact you can make these in 10 minutes work in your home kitchen, But, in this product, the quality is really important in order for you to get a perfect shiny heart shape or fun chocolate spoons.


Piping Bag

The are many types of piping bag out there. I like thick piping bags that will not explode in the middle and can work smoothly also with heavy batter if needed. I use piping bag all the time, it is easy and clean to work with.



I find using a zester is easy than regular grater. I do not think it is a must have in your home kitchen, but it is defiantly more fun and easier.


Vegetable Peeler XOXO

I love XOXO products. They are high quality and last longer and if you are using a vegetable peeler a lot, like me, I recommend you to spoil yourself with high quality peeler.


Chef Knife 

To have good Chef Knife at home is a must! High quality knife will upgrade you cooking and baking experience in many levels.

I recommend the brand Arcos. I have their knives for decades and still using the ones that I bought 15 years ago.


Manual Citrus Press Juicer

My favorite gadget - the citrus press juicer- that keep all the lemon seeds out and your hands clean with an easy press.


Cookie Scoop

I discovered this cookie scoop only when we moved to San Diego. I do not know how I managed without it.


Chocolate Bomb Silicon Mold

This is the new hit of Winter 2020-2021- Chocolate Bomb Silicon Mold.

Great product to make chocolate bomb, mousse and many more mini cakes. Easy to work with and easy to clean. 

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