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Two Weeks in Israel, One Zaatar Chocolate Bark

Apr 29, 2019

Oh, Israel....

I waited SO long to that trip.

We went the whole family- My husband, myself and our 3 girls for 2 weeks to be with our family and friends for Passover.

The weather in April in Israel is perfect, not hot and not cold and it was really a quality time for all of us.

We took the girls for a "tour" in Israel. We wend to the Dead Sea, to the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv, for a hike up north and finally, my favorite place- the Market.

The market is so colorful, full of everything, candies, fruits, vegetables, spices, interesting people and the smells..... You can go crazy with all the smells in the air!

We were walking in the market, enjoying the day, exploring all the small restaurants until we went by a place that is all about spices

I just stood there, smelling everything and thinking what to buy (everything of course!)

We went back to my parents home, all happy. Everyone wend to his/her business and I went into the kitchen, opened the bag with the fresh Zaatar and immediately started to make Zaatar Chocolate Bark that I was running over and over in my head all the way back been from the market.

So, go into the kitchen, grab chocolate, zaatar and rice puffs, set timer for 10min and Enjoy!

Zaatar Chocolate Bark

300gr dark chocolate (a mixture of dark and milk is fine or only milk chocolate)

30gr rice puffs (or shredded nuts or shredded cornflakes)

Line baking tray with parchment.

In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the chocolate.

Heat on high in the microwave oven until melted, 2 to 3 minutes in 30 sec pulses, then mix to a homogenous cream.

Add the zaatar and stir, add the rice puffs and stir until all the rice puffs are covered with chocolate. Pour hot chocolate on baking tray covered with parchment.

Quickly spread evenly about 3/4 inch thick and sprinkle sea salt.

Put in the freezer for about 15min.

Break bark into portions to serve

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